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 FAQs About PK Walsh’s  Hair Loss Solutions

Women’s Hair Loss Solutions Boston & Providence – allows women with female hair loss, Alopecia or thinning hair to treat their hair loss as though it were a thing of the past.

Over 30 million women in the United States alone experience some form of thinning hair or hair loss. The most common forms of female hair loss include Alopecia Areata, Androgenetic Alopecia (genetic, hereditary female pattern thinning), Alopecia Totalis, Trichotillomania, and a variety of medically related hair loss causes (such as those caused by medical treatments such as chemotherapy).

Women’s Hair Loss Solutions Boston & Providence. At PK Walsh, we provide women with a wide range of female hair loss solutions, including:

FAQs About PK Walsh’s Hair Loss Solutions
I’m Worried That My Hair Can Fall Off2021-12-15T13:25:55-05:00

If you have attached your hair properly, it will not fall off. However, there can be certain situations in which you may need to prepare differently. For example, if you’re going to be in the hospital, we recommend using grips instead of clips because they are more comfortable to sleep in and they are not made of metal, so you don’t have to worry about having x-rays with them on. At PK Walsh, we teach our clients how to wear and live in their hair. Be sure to discuss your particular situation so that you can be properly prepared.

Is Wearing Hair For Chemotherapy or Radiation Going to be Different?2021-12-15T13:24:37-05:00

Yes, the side effects from Chemotherapy and Radiation will affect how you wear a wig. Unfortunately, wigs are usually more hair than you are used to. but, you do get used to it quickly. Before you have hair loss, you may experience some tingling and or burning of the scalp. This tells you the chemo is working and that you will start to have hair loss.

Here are some tips:

  • Get your wig as soon as you are diagnosed. It gives you the opportunity to shop around to find the best and most comfortable fit. Make sure you buy a wig from an expert who knows how to do custom alterations. Not just adjusting the straps in the back, but when they more or less take it apart and put it back together.
  • Have something to sleep in. Your head does get cold when you have no hair.
  • You may want to get something to throw on your scalp while you are at home or running to the store. Today, there are great accessories, even hair with ponytails.
  • Human hair wigs are not hotter than synthetic hair wigs. If you are hot, you are hot. You can freeze hypo-allergenic baby wipes to stick under the cap. You can wet the cap. You can wet and freeze wig caps.
How Do I Ensure That Purchasing A Hair Solution Is a Positive & Worthwhile Experience?2021-12-15T13:21:35-05:00

Here are tips that PK Walsh considers part of your hair loss journey:

  • You cannot plop hair on your head and expect it to look good.
  • It’s not vanity to look in the mirror and want to see yourself!
  • You need more than one. If you had to wear a uniform to work every day for 10 hours, how many would you buy? Now compare that to the hair you will wear every day for up to 12-14 hours. What do you do when something happens to it?
  • Remember, the best hair is the hair that’s right for you! Not necessarily the most expensive or luxurious hair. It’s what you feel good in.

Most importantly, have a realistic expectation. Getting a hair replacement or medical wig is not your real hair. There will be a learning curve so be patient with yourself. It is also important to take the proper multi-hair vitamin VIVISCAL PROFESSIONAL  and sleep on a satin pillowcase.


Why Is European Hair More Expensive? Is It Worth It?2021-12-15T13:19:42-05:00

European hair is considered the best hair in the world. It is the natural cut color from the head, making color choices narrower but coloring capability better. European hair is soft and silky. It lays flat and moves. However, because it is the best does not necessarily mean it is the best for you.

The best hair in the world is the best hair that works for you! Most people with hair loss want to look like themselves. Texture matters when matching and blending. I personally do not wear European hair because my hair has a curl, kink, and frizz in it, so to wear fine hair was too different and did not look like me.   You need multiple choices and options. You need to be able to see what the differences are. That is where a hair loss specialist comes in. They will have multiple options and price points.

What if I Want to Change the Style of My Hair Solution for a Special Occasion?2021-12-15T13:18:42-05:00

When you purchase a Hair Solution from PK Walsh, we teach you how to style your hair solution and how to take care of and live in your hair!

But if you prefer, you can come into PK Walsh and we can style it for you. The typical charge is no different than if you were to go to a traditional salon. We are in private rooms and can even style the hair ahead of time for a later pick up.

What Should I Do if I start to Notice That I’m Losing My Hair?2021-12-15T13:17:10-05:00

Female hair loss can be extremely disconcerting. If you’ve noticed your hair is starting to get thinner or change texture, it can be difficult to know where to begin.. You will have concerns and questions like, how and why did this start? What is causing it? What type of women’s hair loss solutions are available? How do I know I can trust where I go? If you are looking to discuss this with your physician, you are on the right track. It is possible for your primary doctor to assess and diagnose, or he/she might refer you to a dermatologist or a trichology specialist. These are common questions you may be asked when you see your doctor.

  • What date did you first notice your hair loss?
  • Have you started or stopped any new medications?
  • Where are you noticing the hair loss the most?
  • Did the texture change?
  • Has your hair loss been a slow progression or fast?
  • Do you have hair loss in your family?
  • If you could freeze your hair where it is now, is that enough?
  • Are you doing anything to help your hair loss?

A life event such as being pregnant and delivering a baby, experiencing a traumatic event, having surgery, or having a serious illness can all interfere with your normal hair growth cycle. This interference can cause temporary hair loss. It is very important to inform your doctor or trichology professional of all major events going on in your life to better assist him or her in understanding if your hair loss is temporary or a chronic phenomenon.

Are There Different Types of Human Hair Wigs?2021-12-15T13:15:16-05:00


Processed human hair wigs. Most human hair is Indian or Asian. Asian hair typically will be used for the lightest colors because it can withstand the processing. Indian hair is usually Remy hair, which is a slower processing technique. It can have a natural wave and body to the hair.

European human hair wigs.  They are the natural cut color from the head, making it softer and silkier. It is typically from European heads. Once it has been processed, even if a shadow of a root color is added to make it look even more natural it’s now considered processed no longer making it true European hair.

Human hair can be styled with heat. Make sure to use a product that protects the hair creating a barrier between the hair and the heat. When coloring human hair, it is always easier to add color than subtract. Not all hair will lighten to any color we want. Most human hair has had some processing and can affect attempts to color it. European hair is easier to highlight and lowlight because the integrity of the hair is still completely intact.

Consider that purchasing a wig is an investment in yourself and how you look. It’s something you will most likely wear 10-12 hours per day. It’s important for you to feel comfortable in your hair as well as to know how to live in it so it becomes part of you.

What Should I Consider When Choosing a Wig?2021-12-15T13:18:11-05:00

Whether you are looking for a fashion or luxury wig so you change up your style or you are suffering from female hair loss and in need of a custom Alopecia wig, it is important to understand what types of wigs are available and how they are constructed so you can make an informed purchasing decision. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Not all wigs are created equal and it’s important that you know why. Wigs vary based on the type of hair, kind of stitching, and style.

You should consider lifestyle and how good you are with your own hair. If you’re going through chemotherapy or radiation, do not rule out synthetic wigs or synthetic human hair “blends” wigs. Both types of synthetic wigs hold their shape, so it’s wash and wear. Blends the synthetics hold their shape, but the human hair feels nicer. It’s like the best of both worlds. Also, a better quality wig will weigh less and be made with higher-end fabrics and materials.

Why is it Important to Buy a Wig From a Professional Salon vs. Off the Shelf?2021-12-15T13:10:41-05:00

The downside to buying off the shelf or online is that the process doesn’t help you learn how to wear it, how to size it, or how to cut it. A professional who specializes in working  with hairpieces, wigs, and hair extensions has many advantages including:

  • They can teach you how to care for and live in your hair.
  • They can help you decide between many options based on lifestyle and styling capability.
  • They can offer better-made products including better synthetic fibers.

The best hair in the world may not be the best hair that works for you. Comfort should be most important.

Can Anyone Wear Hair Extensions?2021-12-15T13:09:00-05:00

Hair Extensions are attached to the top of the head so you need to have enough hair to cover the extensions. Extensions are a great way to add length or volume to your hair before you have extensive hair loss. They are also great for a special occasion when you want to add extra glam!

Can Laser Hair Therapy Grow My Hair Back?2021-12-15T13:08:21-05:00

Hair growth from Laser Hair Therapy is a bonus result. The goal of Laser Hair Therapy is to freeze the hair loss where it is and improve the overall hair quality. As a Trichology Practitioner, I am able to use microscopes to evaluate the scalp and recommend the best course of action to stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow. When you accomplish this, you can stop the hair loss.

Can PRP Treatments Grow My Hair Back?2021-12-15T13:07:56-05:00

Hair growth from PRP Treatments is a bonus result. The goal of PRP Treatments is to freeze the hair loss where it is and improve the overall hair quality. As a Trichology Practitioner, I am able to use microscopes to evaluate the scalp and recommend the best course of action to stimulate the scalp and increase blood flow. When you accomplish this, you can stop the hair loss.

Will PRP Treatments Hurt?2021-12-15T13:07:21-05:00

No.  However, everyone’s sensitivity is different. Your head does not have muscles in it so you do not get the soreness you get from a shot in the arm. The treatment does however consist of multiple injections all over the head.

Why is it Important to Have More Than One Hair Piece?2021-12-15T13:06:24-05:00

There are several reasons that having a backup hairpiece is a necessity!

  1. You can extend the life of the hairpiece by up to six months by alternating. This also alternates the placement of the clips, which prevents further hair loss.
  2. If something unexpected happens you have another hairpiece ready to go.
  3. By preparing your hair ahead of time you extend the life of the hair by letting it air dry instead of blow-drying.
  4. When you buy 2 hairpieces together you can ensure a more perfect match.
Do Specialty Wet Products Like Shampoos and Conditioners Work?2021-12-15T13:05:16-05:00

Products produce instant gratification. You should notice a difference immediately and should continue to see increased results with every use until they peak. Some may help to reduce excessive shedding. They help the hair you have and your scalp, but none will grow your hair back.

Will People Notice That I’m Wearing Hair?2021-08-04T11:19:04-04:00

I find that no one is really paying attention. No one will be as critical about your hair as you. They may notice if you’ve changed color, style, or length from your natural hair.

Having a few responses ready will make you less nervous about people noticing any changes. Some responses might be:

  1. Thank you may be all you need to say!
  2. Don’t you love it! I got a new stylist, have been waiting for a spot to open up with her.
  3. Got a new cut. What do you think?
Will Wearing Hair Cause More Hair Loss?2021-12-15T13:04:08-05:00

One of my favorite urban legends! No, it will not, however, your hair loss does not stop because you are wearing something. It will continue unless you follow a prevention program. Clips will cause hair loss if they are not moved frequently. If you keep clipping in the same area every day the hair will wear out. Moving the clips will prevent this from happening.

Will clips set off alarm in body-scanning machine at the airport?2021-12-15T13:03:19-05:00

If you go through the body-scanning machine the hair may show up as a block in the photo. If this happens, they will take you aside. Tell them discretely that you are wearing a hairpiece. They will touch your shoulder, then your head, and then your shoulder to make sure nothing is underneath. It is easy and fast, and you will not feel uncomfortable. The clips may set off the alert in body scanning machines in prisons or high-security areas.

Will My Hair Blow Off if the Wind?2021-12-15T13:02:18-05:00

No, it will not blow off as long as it is fitted properly. When the hair blows it will look completely natural. For anyone to see the part they would have to be very, very, close to you to notice.

Can I Swim in My Hair?2021-12-15T13:01:13-05:00

You can do anything in your if it’s attached properly. When you come out of the water come straight up and your hair will look natural. Practice in your tub how to come up out of the water and you can see what it will look like.

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