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Kathy and Nikki Walsh

For over 30 years, PK Walsh has remained the only non surgical women’s hair replacement and enhancement service in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  We are focused exclusively on women’s hair loss and hair restoration needs and provide a safe, private, and caring environment.  The company was founded by my mother, Kathy Walsh. She started on her kitchen table has developed into New England’s leading hair replacement company for women only.

Today, Nikki Walsh manages the day-to-day affairs of the family business and strives to continue the legacy her mother started of providing the very best innovative hair loss replacement solutions and custom wigs for women in the Norwood greater Boston area, as well as throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New England.


PK Walsh understands the emotional stress of losing your hair and the impact it can have on your mental, physical, and social life. As New England’s leading hair replacement and hair restoration salon, we have helped thousands of women with hair loss look and feel more confident.

As a leader in their field, Nikki Wlash has gained more extensive expertise in the areas of hair and scalp analysis by becoming a certified Trichology Practitioner. She can help clients understand their particular cause of hair loss and recommend a plan of action.

After thirty years in the business, PK Walsh has set the standard with our beautiful hair, state-of-the-art facilities and expert stylists.

About Nikki Walsh

Nikki is president and owner of PK Walsh Hair Solutions for Women Norwood. Much like her mother, Kathy Walsh (who founded PK Walsh in 1983), Nikki also suffers from hair loss and knows first hand that confidence can be regained with the right hair loss solution.

Nikki is a certified Trichology Practitioner. With this specialized training in the functions of the hair and scalp she can make recommendations and suggestions for treating your particular hair or scalp problems.

In 2007, after a successful succession, Nikki bought PK Walsh. Today, Nikki hopes to carry on the tradition of empowering women and helping them to live more confident lives. Nikki resides in Walpole, MA and spends her spare time with her husband and two children. She enjoys reading, quilting, boating, and yes ….even getting her hair wet

At age 37, Nikki was one of the youngest leaders in this competitive hair replacement industry. In 2010, Nikki won the prestigious Stevie Award for Best Overall Company of the Year.

Nikki lives in Walpole with 2 dogs, 2 kids, 2 parents and a cat that runs it all!


About Kathy Walsh

Kathy Walsh is the founder and former CEO of PK Walsh, a leading women’s hair replacement salon focused on the needs of women experiencing hair loss.

Kathy is the founder and a former board member of the North American Design Group. She has been an active member of Northeastern University’s Family Business Institute, the Massachusetts Cosmetology Association, and New England Women Business Owners. She is a founding member of the Boston area chapter of the National Alopecia Aerata Foundation.

Kathy is proud that she has been able to overcome many obstacles to become both a successful mother and businessperson. Today, Kathy enjoys traveling, spending time with family, and raising awareness for her non-profit organization Playing For Life Foundation.

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