Hairpieces and Toppers For Women

Feel rejuvenated with a hair solution from PK Walsh!

At PK Walsh, we help women experiencing thinning hair or hair loss to achieve a customized natural look with hairpieces and toppers customized for you.

Our hairpieces and toppers add volume, density, and a healthy look to your hair. They come in many variations, including very small pieces to fill in your part or add bangs. Our larger hairpieces and toppers can add fullness to the top of the head, therefore creating a natural appearance at the front hairline. The color, length, and style are all up to you!

No one will be able to tell where your added hair begins or ends! At PK Walsh we can create a full head of hair that moves and looks like your own. Enjoy all your regular activities without worry.

Our expert stylists can help you to look like yourself again.

Hairpieces and toppers customizedd

Hairpieces and Toppers from PK Walsh:

  • Human & Synthetic Hair
  • Totally natural look and feel
  • Completely undetectable
  • Create age-appropriate fullness and density
  • Feel confident and beautiful

“Not only do I have more hair, but the hair I have appears to be stronger and healthier”
– Elizabeth

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 “I didn’t look in the mirror for years.  Now when I go out, there’s no price you could put on this feeling I have. The whole experience has been extremely uplifting. I feel absolutely beautiful.”

Women's Thinning Hair Options Boston

“I was extremely self-conscious and unhappy with my appearance. From the moment I walked into PK Walsh, I knew I was in the right place. The staff is phenomenal, and they made me feel so much better about myself!”

Mary Ann
Women's non surgical hair restoration options

“I’ve been going to PK Walsh for over 20 years and throughout the 20 years, they continue to provide the most up-to-date products and services to help clients feel and look beautiful.”

Treatments for thinning hair Boston & Providence

“PK Walsh was the best decision I could have made. They want their clients to be completely happy with the end product and it shows!”

PK Walsh Hair Loss Specialists

Ever since I got my wig, my self-esteem has been boosted. PK Walsh changed my life, my experience was amazing!”

Women's hair loss specialists

“To randomly hear, ‘I love your hairstyle,’ from people I’ve never met before, makes me know that going to PK Walsh was the best thing I ever did for myself!”

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“I have had Alopecia since I was nine years old. Everyone at PK Walsh made me feel special and I am so excited to wear my new hair!”

Hair systems for women

I was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 39, I lost all of my hair. I am so thankful I found Nikki and her mother Kathy at PK Walsh!”