Women's Hair Extensions and Hair Additions - Boston, MAI thought it might be good if I shared some of the questions we get most often in hopes that it may help someone reading this:

I have thinning hair, but I am afraid that my friends will notice if I get a hair addition or hair extensions.
A common concern amongst many of our clients who have thinning hair is that their friends will notice that their hair now looks different. Well, sometimes different is a good thing.

Recent technology in hair extensions has brought to market many new advances in hair solutions that look natural and are virtually undetectable. At PK Walsh in Norwood (Boston), we work with each client’s individual wants and needs to design the appropriate hair solution. We have a full line of custom hair additions, hair extensions and wigs so we can design beautiful custom women’s hair loss solutions created just for you. You tell us what you want and we will listen. An appropriately designed female hair loss solution should never be noticeable… even by your closest friends.