Women’s Hair Replacement for Alopecia

Women's alopecia wigs boston massachusettsAlopecia Wigs Boston. Alopecia can be a troubling and emotionally disturbing medical condition. Female hair loss affects millions of women each year.

There are a number of different types of alopecia that affect hair and do anything from causing highly visible bald patches in random areas of the scalp, to complete female hair loss including eyebrows. And as terrible as it sounds, what makes alopecia more traumatic is the confidence and self-image that it destroys. If you search the term alopecia, one thing you will find are a number of articles about how to deal with alopecia and female hair loss in all it’s forms. One of the quickest and most easy ways to help with alopecia and your self-confidence is with a fine quality custom women’s alopecia wig. A custom made human hair alopecia wig can be light, breathable, beautiful and undetectable from your real hair.

When properly made, a custom human hair women’s wig will have the look and feel of real natural growing hair, including the front part at the hairline. It wall fall and move naturally, and you will be able to style and color it to suit your look, style and mood.  The key to making a custom women’s wig look and feel beautiful is not only in the craftsmanship of the wig itself, but in the skill and artistic style of the wig maker and wig stylist.

Custom Alopecia Wigs Boston

Someone once said a wig out of a box looks just like a wig that just came out of a box.  We’re not above tooting our own horn on this point.  At PK Walsh hair replacement for women in Boston, we’ve been helping women with hair loss, Alopecia, and thinning hair for over 30 years.  We’ve not only developed a reputation for quality and service, but since we only work with Boston women’s hair loss solutions, our hair replacement solutions for women in the Boston area are unsurpassed anywhere.

The key to getting a great looking wig is understanding and education. When you come to look at women’s wigs for Alopecia at our Boston salon, we’ll make sure you understand the various choices, styles and types of wigs or hair replacement options you have with which to work. When dealing with Alopecia Totalis or Alopecia Universalis, it is important to get a wig that has a base especially made for
women with little or no hair. From a styling standpoint, the cap is made in such a way as to not have to deal with bunching up your own hair under the cap. From a comfort standpoint, the cap is made in such a way so as to not irritate a sensitive scalp.

We’ll explain in-depth what each wig choice means for you personally and one of our top-notch stylists will be by your side to help you choose how you want your wig styled. At PK Walsh in Boston, we want to make sure the process is easy and confidential.

Choices in women’s Alopecia Wigs Boston are wide and varied. In the Boston area, there are tons of choices in women’s wigs, from very inexpensive synthetic wigs that look like very inexpensive women’s wigs, to beautiful and affordable chemotherapy wigs, to the finest virgin European hair wigs.  The choice is amazing. So if you are suffering from Alopeica or  female hair loss and live in the Boston, Massachusetts area, we encourage you to explore your options thoroughly and take the time to educate yourself on the various types of women’s wigs that are available, and the differences between them.

Female hair loss can be challenging, but it can also be an opportunity to explore new looks and styles and an opportunity to reinvent yourself and your look.