Laser Hair Rejuvenation Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss

Laser hair loss treatment therapy. Boston, Massachusetts

Low-level Cold Laser Therapy for Women

Since 1996 PK Walsh has been offering Low-level Laser Hair Rejuvenation Therapy Treatment for Hair Loss. Targeted for early stage hair loss, laser hair therapy treatment is perfect for women who are experiencing early stage hair loss, women that want to keep the hair they have and make it appear fuller and thicker and women who want to slow down or stop their hair loss and stimulate dormant hairs.

Laser Hair Therapy treatment has greatly advanced, and with the help and guidance of a Trichology Practitioner using Laser Light Hair Rejuvenation Therapy in conjunction with other Hair Growth Programs will ensure our clients optimum results.

HairMax Laserband, the Newest  Innovation in Hair Regrowth

Laser hair therapy treatment women. Boston Mass.

HairMax Laserband is a low-level cold laser therapy device that stimulates the scalp with low-level intensity laser light. The cold laser light boosts the cellular energy production and blood flow to hair follicles slowing down the progression of hair loss.

This hands-free cordless band is a curved, plastic headband-like device embedded with 82 medical grade cold lasers. The outer edges of the device have HairMax patented teeth, which part the hair during treatment. This maximizes the amount of cold laser light that reaches the scalp and hair follicles and ensures that more follicles are stimulated. The FDA approved HairMax LaserBand provides a safe hair loss treatment with maximum results.

The treatment plan is easy and the follow up is fantastic. I get to see the progress each and every month and discuss with a professional - Joylee

The HairMax Laserband can be used in the privacy of your own home and only takes minutes, each week to notice significant new hair growth and an increase in hair fullness and density.

Laser hair loss treatment therapy for women. Boston MA





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