Follea Human Hair Wigs for Women

Follea Human Hair Wigs Women - Boston MAThere are a number of questions we get a lot from women suffering from hair loss and that is who makes the best human hair wigs. This is a tricky question to answer because there are a lot of things to look at, but in our opinion you can’t make a better choice than custom human hair wigs from Follea Hair. They have been creating really great looking wigs with hair that is so natural and easy to maintain for decades and they continue to bring new options that continue to raise the bar. Women’s luxury follea wigs has a wide range of stunning, quality made, real human hair wigs.

Follea Gripper Wig

This revolutionary human hair wig has been designed for those with Alopecia. They have created a line of beautiful human hair wigs that are truly the next generation of wigs for women. Gripper wigs are secured in place on the scalp with medical-grade silicone panels which grip the scalp. This means there is no need for tape or glue to keep the wig in place. Gripper Wigs are light, comfortable and breathable making them a superior choice when looking to buy a human hair wig.

Follea Tres-Chic Wig

The Tres-Chic wig model is Follea’s industry best wig. The Tres-Chic is completely machine made human hair wig. This wig featurs premium hair at an entry level price. This wig has been designed with those suffering from medically related hair loss in mind; such as hair loss as a result of treatments like chemotherapy and radiation.

Follea Lifestyle-2 Wig

At the cutting edge is the Follea’s Lifestyle-2 that keeps getting better. This beautiful double-drawn human hair wig is 100% hand-tied European hair. Each hair is meticulously hand sewn and Follea’s Lifestyle wigs feature the famous “hidden-knot” French top which is indistinguishable from one’s own scalp, making them undetectable.

Follea Areo-2 Wig

This human hair wig utilises Follea’s high quality, processed European hair. A consistent hair length is achieved using the double drawn process. The Aero-2 now offers a greater fullness and density, which creates an incredibly natural hairline with a small, open lace front.

Follea Luxury-2 Wig

The Luxury-2 is at the fashion forefront of human hair wigs for women. This Luxury Collection creates stunning hair coutures for women who know what they want. Created from Follea’s double-drawn hand-selected premium European hair, the Luxury collection is exclusively hand-tied and freestyle, featuring the innovative French top for a totally natural hairline.