Female hair loss can be extremely disconcerting. If you’ve noticed your hair is starting to get thinner or change texture, it can be difficult to know where to begin.. You will have concerns and questions like, how and why did this start? What is causing it? What type of women’s hair loss solutions are available? How do I know I can trust where I go? If you are looking to discuss this with your physician, you are on the right track. It is possible for your primary doctor to assess and diagnose, or he/she might refer you to a dermatologist or a trichology specialist. These are common questions you may be asked when you see your doctor.

  • What date did you first notice your hair loss?
  • Have you started or stopped any new medications?
  • Where are you noticing the hair loss the most?
  • Did the texture change?
  • Has your hair loss been a slow progression or fast?
  • Do you have hair loss in your family?
  • If you could freeze your hair where it is now, is that enough?
  • Are you doing anything to help your hair loss?

A life event such as being pregnant and delivering a baby, experiencing a traumatic event, having surgery, or having a serious illness can all interfere with your normal hair growth cycle. This interference can cause temporary hair loss. It is very important to inform your doctor or trichology professional of all major events going on in your life to better assist him or her in understanding if your hair loss is temporary or a chronic phenomenon.