Yes, the side effects from Chemotherapy and Radiation will affect how you wear a wig. Unfortunately, wigs are usually more hair than you are used to. but, you do get used to it quickly. Before you have hair loss, you may experience some tingling and or burning of the scalp. This tells you the chemo is working and that you will start to have hair loss.

Here are some tips:

  • Get your wig as soon as you are diagnosed. It gives you the opportunity to shop around to find the best and most comfortable fit. Make sure you buy a wig from an expert who knows how to do custom alterations. Not just adjusting the straps in the back, but when they more or less take it apart and put it back together.
  • Have something to sleep in. Your head does get cold when you have no hair.
  • You may want to get something to throw on your scalp while you are at home or running to the store. Today, there are great accessories, even hair with ponytails.
  • Human hair wigs are not hotter than synthetic hair wigs. If you are hot, you are hot. You can freeze hypo-allergenic baby wipes to stick under the cap. You can wet the cap. You can wet and freeze wig caps.