Here are tips that PK Walsh considers part of your hair loss journey:

  • You cannot plop hair on your head and expect it to look good.
  • It’s not vanity to look in the mirror and want to see yourself!
  • You need more than one. If you had to wear a uniform to work every day for 10 hours, how many would you buy? Now compare that to the hair you will wear every day for up to 12-14 hours. What do you do when something happens to it?
  • Remember, the best hair is the hair that’s right for you! Not necessarily the most expensive or luxurious hair. It’s what you feel good in.

Most importantly, have a realistic expectation. Getting a hair replacement or medical wig is not your real hair. There will be a learning curve so be patient with yourself. It is also important to take the proper multi-hair vitamin VIVISCAL PROFESSIONAL  and sleep on a satin pillowcase.