Custom Wigs for Women Boston, MA

Designing custom wigs for women and cancer patients in the Boston area is one of the most wonderful things we at PK Walsh really appreciate, the vast diversity of people we get to work with. It is each individuals difference that make us who we are and how we define our own image. When we have female hair loss or thinning hair and look to get a wig to give ourselves a look of a full head of hair, it is just as important to get one with the right length of hair.

Womens custom wigs. Boston Ma.It is that uniqueness we each have that allows us to find the right hairstyle for us and one of the most important factors is making this decision is the shape of your face. The right wig will accentuate your facial features and flatter you. We have compiled a quick guide on choosing the perfect wig for you and your face shape.

  1. First, you have to find your face’s shape. There’s a particular method to do this:
  2. Stand in front of the mirror, about 12-18 inches away.
  3. With a bar of soap, trace the outline of your face. If you like, you can also use a marker on a photograph of yourself.

Your face will be one of seven shapes, and that will help you choose the right wig. Let’s cover each shape in detail.

Round: If your face is roughly twice as wide as it is long, and your chin and hairline are rounded, this is your face shape. The best wig for your face shape will be hair longer than your chin, have a part that is off-center and stay more or less near your face. This type of custom wig will help your face to appear longer and thinner. When ever possible, avoid wigs that are shorter than your chin (especially close-cropped wigs) or particularly full near your ears, as that will accentuate the width of your face.

Square: If your face is roughly proportional in width and length, and you have a strong jaw and hairline, this is your face shape. It’s most common among people of Chinese and Northern European descent.

The best wig for someone with a square shape face will be short or medium-length with off-center parts and plenty of height near the crown, to counterbalance your symmetrical face shape. Wavy or curly wigs will also help to achieve this effect. Try to avoid wigs with straight bobs, straight bangs or parts in the center.

Heart: If you have a small jaw and wide cheekbones, you have a heart-shaped face. Heart-shaped faces are common among people of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern descent.

The best wig for you will be chin-length or longer. If you like bangs, make sure they are somewhat wispy. Choosing a bob can help to balance the prominence of your cheekbones. Try to avoid shorter, fuller styles that accentuate your upper face.

Oval or Diamond: If the length of your face is about 1.5x the width, your jaw is about as wide as your cheekbones and your hairline is rounded, you have an oval face. If your face is wide at the cheekbones (like a heart-shaped face,) but you have a narrow forehead you have a diamond-shaped face.

Here’s the good news, when choosing a wig, you can wear almost any style of wig and it will look great on you. The only reason to avoid particular styles would be if they mask your face shape – so try to choose a style that pulls back and shows off your features.

You are beautiful, inside and out but female hair loss sometimes blinds you to that and robs you of your confidence and vitality. The right style of custom wig can be give you a look that enhances your appearance and restore your confidence.