Women’s Wigs: Choosing the Right Wig for You

Wigs have gotten a bad rap over the years. A lot of the negativity you hear about wigs is true, especially when it comes to fashion wigs, off the shelf, at the mall. When choosing the right wig for you, what should you consider? Whether you are looking for a fashion or luxury wig so you change up your style or you are suffering from female ... More

Choosing a Custom Wig for Your Face Shape

Custom Wigs for Women Boston, MA Designing custom wigs for women and cancer patients in the Boston area is one of the most wonderful things we at PK Walsh really appreciate, the vast diversity of people we get to work with. It is each individuals difference that make us who we are and how we define our own image. When we have female hair ... More

Tips from the Hair Loss Whisperer

Here are my tips that PK Walsh considers part of your hair loss journey. Whether your hair loss be medically induced, hereditary, or other. Most importantly, have a realistic expectation. Getting a hair replacement or medical wig is not your real hair. YOU CANNOT PLOP HAIR ON YOUR HEAD AND EXPECT IT TO LOOK GOOD. If it were that easy ... More

Custom Wigs Helps Clients Going Through Chemo

 Wicked Local Norwood featured Nikki on the front page, October 14th for her support in Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Nikki Walsh wants to help women feel whole again after they have suffered hair loss. “It’s difficult dealing with hair loss regardless of if you are a male or female, but even more so for women because a man can ... More