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Women’s Hair Loss Solutions Boston and Rhode Island. At PK Walsh in Needham (Boston), Massachusetts, we offer all proven non-surgical hair loss treatment and hair restoration options for women. These include non-surgical hair loss solutions, preventative and restorative personalized treatment plans, beautiful¬† hair extensions, undetectable micro-points, hair integration toppettes and crown extensions and multi-therapeutic laser hair loss treatment therapy.

 Schedule a private consultation with a Trichology Practitioner, who has specialized training in the functions of the hair and scalp. They can make recommendations and suggestions for treating your particular hair or scalp problems.

At PK Walsh our licensed cosmetologists and master stylists, who are also PK Walsh clients believe in restoring more than just your hair. We help you restore your self confidence, beauty and self-esteem!

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Rachel-FalinoRachel Falino, Master Stylist, Celebrates 25 Years at PK Walsh

“I can’t believe how time has flown by! PK Walsh has become part of my family. They’ve watched me master my craft, get married and have children, who are now in college!

I feel so fortunate to have been able to do what I love for the past 25 years; help women feel beautiful and confident. Over the years I have met so many wonderful women whom I care about very much. They’re not just my clients, they’re my friends.

I love Kathy (PK Walsh, founder) and Nikki (PK Walsh, President), they’re like my mom and sister. I can’t thank them enough. Here’s to the next 25 years!”



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